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4 Special Offers - and DON'T FORGET Father’s Day



1) Special opportunity to see if you like Dr. Rhody’s Chiropractic techniques and style at this one time $25.00 promotional fee for new patients. This appointment includes your initial consultation, exam, and initial treatment, if appropriate; or referral to some other health care provider should exam findings require that recommendation. 

Starting Wednesday 13th until the end of the month, June. 


2) Your opportunity to try ‘Phoenix (ARP) Wave’ - A tested & successful treatment for acute or chronic injuries related to muscles, tendons, ligaments & joints. The treatment has been successfully used in sports medicine as well as recovery from accidents & operations for over 25 years to significantly speed up healing & return to full functionality. Offer for new clients includes an assessment & initial treatment for only $25.00. 

Starting Wednesday 13th until the end of the month, June.


3) Try something different - Kayla only 

1 reflexology/foot massage (45 mins) and 1 head massage - deep or relaxation (45 mins)  $55.00

or 2 reflexology/foot massages (45 mins each) $55.00

or 2 head massages - deep or relaxation (45 mins each) $55.00

Fully clothed treatments

Also would make the perfect Father’s Day Gift


4) Last but certainly not least returning by popular demand, Fatima or Kayla

The Massage offer extended - 3 full massages - deep or relaxation $99.00 

Buy now use until the end July


The Haven - 730 9345

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