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Boquete Woman Missing; Reward for Information

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Reprinted from Newsroom Panama
Reward for info on missing American woman expat
Sinaproc is assisting the search

The owner of a Boquete, Chiriqui restaurant has offered a $500 reward for reliable information leading to the discovery of a 72-year American retiree who has not been seen since June 1.

Meanwhile, members of  Panama’s  Civil Protection Authority (Sinaproc) are using tracker dogs to help trace  Lee Ann Osbun, a72-year-old, who has been missing since June 1 in from her home in the community favored by North American expats, reports El Siglo.


Lee Ann Osbun

Maureen Gonzalez, a friend of Lee, said that since Friday they had no further contact with her and she has not returned to the house.

The missing woman has brown hair, white complexion is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 130 pounds.

According to Gonzalez, Lee Ann was last seen at 6:00 pm at her home in the Los Naranjos village in the Boquete district reports El Siglo.

“Lee Ann was in  Mike’s Global Grill restaurant, until 5:30 in the afternoon,” Gonzalez said.

On Saturday, June 2, , Heidi Rehn, owner of the restaurant Mike’s Global Grill, is the one who filed a missing person complaint with the National Police and in the and the DIJ, they told her they should wait 24 hours.

Rehn offered a reward of $500.00 for who of reliable information that leads them to find the whereabouts of the missing woman.

TVN says that neighbors have reported that her personal possessions are still in her home,  and the Public Ministry is investigating her disappearance.

Anyone with  information should call:  691-9144 or 775 -7006 SINAPROC or 104 of the National Police (PN)

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