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Ongoing Pilates Classes at the Haven! An intelligent Exercise System Teaching Fluidity of Motion.from Within. .

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It's no surprise that when Joseph Pilates moved to the US in the late 1920's and opened his studio in NYC, his method was immediately embraced by the Professional Dance Community...
The Pilates Exercise System provides a great work-out simultaneously working on many levels. Through awareness and concentration practitioners move slowly, steadily and smoothly, emphasizing precision of form and total control. Years ahead of its time, the Pilates system not only strengthens the body/mind connection, but enhances & stimulates the coordination of the central nervous system. Joseph Pilates designed his exercise method to strengthen his students' intelligence, turning- on a greater number of cells/receptors of the brain and central nervous system- not only during, but following the execution of his exercises.
Basic Pilates highlights the fundamental movements of Classical Pilates; specifically strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles, instructing correct posture through body-awareness & correct alignment, and strengthening and adding flexibility to the skeletal.muscles and the joints. It also highlights the necessity of developing and maintaining  optimal balance.
As we age, doesn't it make sense to do whatever we can to enjoy our lives and live most optimally? Isn't our health and bodily- ease our highest priority? 
Come to the Haven - Do Pilates! Get back to basics and take greater responsibility for your Health and Well-being. You'll be Grateful You Did!
Ongoing Group Classic Pilates Classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays, from 8:30- 9:45 a,m,  All props provided including small balls, stretchy bands, belts, light hand weights, blocks, magic circles and mats. Do bring your own yoga mat if you have one- to be guaranteed two for when we go down to the floor. All student levels work together; each person listening to and honoring his or her body to determine their optimal range of motion. Quality of movement, not quantity or number of repetitions, is the focus. Classes can be paid for individually at $9 each for residents, $10 each for tourists, or one of two packages may be purchased-  $30 for 4 classes to be taken in a month, or unlimited  classes in a month for $72. 
Interested in checking out Pilates before entering a group class, or just not a group class person?  Private sessions are also available by appointment. For more information and to schedule an appointment at a suitable time for your schedule, email Susan Clare, Certified Plates instructor, at the address below.
*To experience the benefits of Pilates and to feel as though one is progressing, it is recommended each student attends class on a regular basis, at least 2-X weekly. 
Start Anytime!. After learning the basics, either continue coming to class for the group energy & momentum and the instructor's continual cueing and assistance, or begin exploring the world of Pilates on your own thru books and videos. Ether way,.learn the basics and  move ahead with greater appreciation and awareness of the Pilates principles of control, breath, concentration, ease of movement, fluidity,and precision of form.
Wanting to know more about the Haven, and all the therapeutic modalities offered? Call 730 9345, or email the Haven at info@boquetespa.com 
And do know- One need not be a member of the Haven to participate in classes or to partake of spa services. 
Looking forward to Seeing YOU Soon!

** Questions about Pilates? Email Susan Clare, Class Instructor, Certified in both Pilates & Yoga with  over 26 years teaching experience, at suzeclare@gmail.com
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