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A greater disclosure of law that protects the chronically ill is advocated for in Panama

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A greater disclosure of law that protects the chronically ill is advocated for in Panama

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 09:58

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The disclosure of regulations on special privileges for Panamanian workers who have a disability or chronic illness, allows avoiding confusion that can occur in the event of an unjustified dismissal, the lawyer specialized in labor law, Milagros Caballeros, explained to ACAN-EFE.

Although there are still gaps regarding Law 59 of 2005, which adopts labor protection regulations for people with chronic, involutive or degenerative diseases that produce work disability, Caballeros mentioned that the subjects must have a medical certification to be covered by the regulation.

“For now there is no interdisciplinary commission that accredits those with different capacities, but you can present a certification of the condition that is signed by two qualified doctors to the employer,” said the lawyer who participated in the 2018 Labor Update Forum in a hotel from Panama City.

She mentioned that the chronic diseases that are defined in the law are diabetes mellitus, cancer, hypertension; and the degenerative ones are osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

“We see that the ailments are occurring at a later age, this law is pointed out that there must be stability within the company, even when a disease is diagnosed,” Caballero said.

The lawyer said that the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development should be more aggressive with fines imposed on companies that do not protect the privileges of disabled people.

According to the National Secretariat for Disability in the Central American country, 11.3 percent of the Panamanian population has some disability condition, that is, some 300,000 people.



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