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Panamanian business leaders support dual education and create vacancies

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Panamanian business leaders support dual education and create vacancies

Mon, 05/28/2018 - 10:55

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The Panamanian private company offered its decided support to the development of technical education in Panama and offered to create jobs to absorb those who are trained.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP), Gabriel Barletta, in a statement released today recalled that this union insists on "dual education", which was attended by the government by creating the Instituto Superior del Este (East Higher Institute, ITSE), the first of several institutes, for which he highlighted that it is supported.

"In a national effort that leads us to the education of young Panamanians in the technical disciplines required by our particular characteristics of development," he said.

He said that "this goal corresponds to the current labor supply registered in several professions in Panama".

Being part of the board of directors of ITSE, the Chamber "intends to carry out this task with the participation and the decided support of its members".

"We propose –he said – to provide initiatives that enrich and strengthen the management of ITSE, while generating for affiliate companies job opportunities to recruit and take advantage of professional resources trained in the educational institution".

The ITSE seeks to be "the structure for development" aimed at "helping reach consensus and collaboration between the public sector and the private sector ... whose main purpose will be to recruit, train, evaluate, certify and place the technicians required by the business sector, but achieve the sustainable development of the various sectors of the national economy".

The first ITSE group of graduates, which will graduate three years after its opening - even without an official date - will be up to 5,000 senior technicians, according to government plans.

Nonetheless, Barletta clarifies that "we are aware" of "the many other complex problems affecting national education" and that have not been addressed for decades, and so he agrees that they can be formulated in the next government, that State policies can be chosen in May 2019 to address these deficiencies.

Without these changes, "we cannot guarantee in this field the degree of competitiveness that ensures us a fully sustainable development," he said.



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