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Relocation of Panama’s Embassy in Israel

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Honduras, Panama to Transfer Embassies to Jerusalem, Following US and Guatemala

Honduran President Orlando Hernandez and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Just two days after the president of Guatemala made history as the first Central American leader to announce his decision to relocate his nation’s embassy to Jerusalem, Honduras and Panama are following suit.

Israel and Honduras signed a declaration on bilateral security cooperation in December 2016, during a visit to Jerusalem by Honduran President Orlando Hernandez. It was his second time in the Jewish State.

The Israeli free daily Yisrael Hayom quoted Palestinian Authority sources on Tuesday as saying Ramallah had been “officially informed” that an announcement would likely be forthcoming within days.

As with Guatemala, the embassies will transfer from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem only after the relocation of the U.S. Embassy, according to the report.

The announcement came barely a day after Dr. Gustavo Perednik, a well-known Spanish-language commentator on Latin American and Israeli affairs and a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, predicted that Honduras and Panama — among others — would be next in line to follow Guatemala. Perednik said that a major shift in international politics is taking place, particularly in Latin America.

The Palestinian Authority referred to the decision by Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales as “shameful.”

President Trump made his historic announcement on December 6. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told Israeli lawmakers that the leaders of numerous other nations have also been in touch with him to discuss similar plans.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein has said his counterparts in other nations have made similar comments as well in recent days.



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The U.S Embassy in Tel Aviv. (Reuters/Amir Cohen)

After Guatemala announced its intention to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Yerushalayim, Honduras and Panama are set to be the next countries to announce their intention to do so. Yisrael Hayom quoted Palestinian Authority sources as saying that they had been “officially informed” that an announcement on the matter is likely to come within days.

The report said that PA officials have been trying to convince the two countries to cancel, or at least postpone their announcement. Like Guatemala, the embassy move would not take place until after the American embassy was moved, the sources said. In response, the Palestinian Authority said that the Guatemalan decision was “shameful.”

Over the weekend, Liviu Dragnea, speaker of the Romanian parliament and head of the country’s ruling Social Democratic Party said that his country should move its embassy to Yerushalayim. “All Israel’s central institutions are in Jerusalem, and ambassadors and embassy staff commute from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. We should think about it very seriously,” he was quoted as saying in local media reports.

The announcements about embassy moves came after the historic declaration three weeks ago by President Donald Trump that the U.S. was preparing to move its embassy to Yerushalayim. After the Trump announcement, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying that Israelis could expect more countries to follow in Washington’s wake. Other countries will move their embassies to Yerushalayim, he said – and it will happen even before the American Embassy is moved from Tel Aviv to the capital. In fact, he said, Israel was already in contact with some of those countries.

A report on Channel One said that those countries included the Philippines, as well as several African countries.



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Panama’s embassy will stay in Tel Aviv

PANAMA  will not follow the United States and move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem said President Juan Carlos Varela, on Tuesday, May 15 before flying from London to visit  Israel and Palestine.

He told the AFP News agency that  Panama would not be following the example of Uruguay and Guatemala who have followed President Trump ’s move and described  the incidents  in Gaza on Monday, May 14  when 62 Palestinians were killed  and some 2000 injured by Israeli snipers as they demonstrated against  the moving  of the US embassy to Jerusalem as “a very sad day”

The move is a de facto American recognition that the Holy City is the capital of Israel, something that the Palestinians and a large part of the international community dispute.

The shootings have been greeted with outrage in many parts of the world including  New York where the participation of President Trump’s daughter Ivanka was pilloried for participating in the Embassy opening ceremonies while people were being killed by Israeli soldiers a few miles away.

Guatemala will install its embassy in Jerusalem on Wednesday, and Paraguay said it will do the same before the end of the month.

During his trip to the United Kingdom, Varela met with Prime Minister Theresa May, and the Foreign and Finance, Ministers among others.

The president valued the visit, at a time when the United Kingdom is looking to strengthen alliances outside the European Union before its exit from the bloc in April 2019.



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