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Ambitious Plans for Amador Causeway and Cinta Costera

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Panama: Ambitious Plan for Amador

The updated plan to develop the Amador Causeway proposes taking advantage of the stretch between the Biomuseo and Naos Island, and building recreational areas on platforms on piles there.

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Administrative Unit of Reverted Property (Uabr) reported that the study of the master plan updated by the firm Tourism, Business & Planning (C4T), recommends the installation of six platforms that will house recreational areas, which would be built on piles overlooking the entrance to the Panama Canal.  "... They would be a kind of piers or platforms on piles, where various businesses would be operating.

See also "Central America: $766 million in tourism projects"

Luis Felipe Icaza, executive secretary of the UABR, told Prensa.com that " ... the government will build two of the six platforms that can be developed. They would be a kind of piers or platforms on stilts, where various businesses would be operating. 'We do not want to launch the entire supply onto the market, as we have to measure the appetite of investors'."

"... The signature C4T indicates that the platforms would have sight of the entrance of the Panama Canal. It suggests that they be used to host sports tracks, small amphitheatres, fountains or water mirrors, areas with pergolas and shaded areas to make the road brighter."



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$50 million Cinta Costera  connection to Amador set for 2022


Posted 04/02/2020

The $50 million  connection between Cinta Costera  3 and the Amador Causeway will be carried out under the "turnkey" scheme and will be completed n 2022

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) authorized the Minister of Public Works,  to use the financial system where the contractor provides the funds to build the project and then the State cancels the debt through a payment schedule.

A the letter signed by the head  of the MEF,  Héctor Alexander, says  that the cost of the connection project with the Amador Causeway will be paid in a single payment once the State receives the project

The reference price set by the MOP is $49.8 million and the work includes a kilometer of the four-lane road, in addition to a cycle path, sidewalks and a marine viewpoint.

The viaduct will tart behind the Maracaná football stadium and will have roundabouts and returns to facilitate the departure and entry of Amador.

The tender for the project was to be held in October 2019, but the Government was awaiting confirmation from the Chinese authorities that had expressed interest in financing the work as part of the agreements signed when both countries established commercial relations in 2017.

A study conducted by the Spanish company Tourism, Business & Planning (C4T), which designed Amador's master plan, warns that it is imperative to improve land access to the road to avoid affecting the operation of the businesses that are located there.

A significant increase in the flow of cars and people is projected in Amador due to the commissioning of the convention center and the cruise port. 

Both projects will be ready after the second quarter of this year.



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Panama: Tender for $50 Million in Road Works

The Ministry of Public Works tenders the study, design, construction and financing for the interconnection of the Cinta Costera 3 with the Calzada de Amador.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Panama Government Purchase 2020-0-09-0-08-LV-006299:

"The project consists of an approximate length of 1.56 kilometers, which begins in the Cinta Costera 3 and ends in the Calzada de Amador.

The homologation meeting will be held on February 11, 2020. This meeting will have to be concluded with the minutes in which the parties homologate the final documents, expressing the acceptance of all the conditions and terms of the statement of objections.

The on-site field visit is optional, at the expense of the bidder, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) will not carry out a scheduled site visit. For the MOP it is important that the bidder knows the site of the work. No excuses will be accepted for the omission of works inherent to the project, arguing that they do not know the site of the work."

Reference value: $49,866,776.

Deadline for receipt of bids: March 19, 2020.

See tender (in Spanish).


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