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News and New Offerings at the BCP Market from Finca Feliz

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Finca Feliz is over 7 years old and all the plants and food bearing trees I planted then are happy and producing beautifully. The avocado and peach harvest is almost over but the blackberries are coming on and will be showing up soon.
The little red Thimble berries won't be far behind.
New Items Available Now
Large garlic cloves shipped in from Gilroy, CA.
For all sales over $30, including a tincture, you get a free clove of garlic.
Tachyon Crystal Discs for pain relief and balancing the energies of the body.
I have taped these to areas of pain on my body (or Acu points) and have been amazed at the results. Frequency medicine. $20 ea. w/ money back guarantee.
Bug Buster Spray with citronella oil and fresh citronella leaf I grow here. $5
Comfrey Oil with Helichrysum and Lavender oil added for healing injuries.

Comfrey and citronella plants are available on request. $4.
Other plants available are blackberry and thimble berry. Orders are being taken for "dulce" banana plants.
Herbal and Mushroom Tinctures available in 2/oz bottles w/ glass droppers $19:
Ashwagandha              Turmeric/Curcumin                Reishi Mushroom
Moringa (also dried leaves or powered)   Turkey Tail/Chaga Mushroom Combo 
and my newest addition Lions Mane Mushroom for the brain and nervous system. Here's Paul Stamets, the mushroom expert, on Lions Mane Mushroom:
Nano Colloidal Silver - A natural antibiotic
Bach Flower Remedies for your emotional healing - for your pet too.
SOIL TAP PRODUCTS for your garden or farm
The ONLY certified organic product in Panama for the health and nourishment of your plants soil, roots, immunity and prolific flowering. Used for 3 years at Finca Feliz and highly recommended. Starter kits $29.
Tea anyone??
I have Ashwagandha Tea with directions on how to prepare the traditional "ayurvedic" method.
Stinging Nettle Tea, a powerful anti inflammatory used in conjunction with the Turmeric tincture for relief of joint pain. It contains vitamins C, K, and B, as well as minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, amino acids and antioxidants helping to fight free radicals.

Helps detoxify the body. 

Promotes healthy blood circulation and cardiovascular health.

Alleviates allergic reactions.

Reduces arthritis pain.

Animal studies suggest that nettle may have a positive effect on the prostrate gland.

Has life been throwing you some curve balls lately?  Maybe a look at your astrology can help. From first time readings, transits, relationships or location charts, let's talk.
Tours of Finca Feliz are available AND, the cabina is for rent at a drastically reduced price. Details and pictures sent upon request.
I'm at the BCP Tuesday Market every week in the Octagon room. See you there.
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