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A Free Spanish Class with Chicken Pot Pies!!! What more could you ask for?

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Great Day Boquete


Some of you already know that I am fluent in Spanish.  My mother was born in Monterrey Mexico and my father was from Louisiana but after moving to Panama I realized very quickly that there were words and phrases that I've never heard of before.  It seemed that the Spanish I grew up speaking was very different than the Spanish I was now subjected to.  So over the last 7 years I have tried to dedicate some time to learn the language of the locals (youth).  There is a cockney influence on some of the words as the syllables are switched around for some weird reason..  This has been a fun and challenging experience.  Here are a few words and phrases that are new to me and possibly new to new.  See if you can guess what they mean.  I realize that some of these words are spoken only by the youth and do not represent an intelligent way of communicating but nonetheless it's fun to know.  The answers will be at the bottom of the email!!




1. Roca

2. Offi 

3. Que Sopa?   

4. Chupata 

5. Tener Goma  

6. Plena  

7.  Pelao 

8.  Chuleta

9.  Dale Pues 

10. Que Vaina

11.  Chevere 

12.  Pritti


Now on to the food!!

We are very excited to announce that this week we will be making Chicken Pot Pies for the market this week.  This product has been one of our staples for over 7 years and generally comes with much anticipation.  Chicken Pot Pie is generally in the top ten lists of greatest comfort food of all time.  It's probably because it has a delicious flakey buttery pie crust that is handmade, or maybe it's because of the creamy gravy that coats the peas, celery, carrots, and chicken.  The gravy stands on its own as it has hints of pepper, chicken, celery.  Possibly it's the simplicity and elegance of this dish that has the unique ability to transport you to a simpler time and place.  Isn't that what food is all about.  We will only have a limited amount made so be sure to get your order in early..  Check out our menu this week as we have many options to choose from including our new Charcuterie line of delicious cured meats...  Click here to see what's available.





If you want to sign up for our weekly newsletter click this link below


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Thanks for reading and be sure to check to see how many answers you got right.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Remember we are now located inside the theater hallway at the very back (Next to Knife Sharpener) Jerry.


Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, Aidan








1. Roca   (CAR or AUTOMOBILE)

2. Offi    (OK, SURE)

3. Que Sopa?    (WHAT'S UP)

4. Chupata   (PARTY or GET TOGETHER)

5. Tener Goma   (TO HAVE A HANGOVER)


7.  Pelao   (DUDE)

8.  Chuleta  (WOW)

9. Dale Pues   (OK THEN)

10. Que Vaina   (This means "thing"  It can basically mean whatever you want)

11.  Chevere  (COOL)

12.  Pritti    (AWESOME)

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