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Changes to Panamanian Automotive Market

The French company Renault has completed negotiations with a new local distributor to market the brand in the country, where they initially plan to serve about 2 thousand customers.

Monday, May 7, 2018

After several months of negotiations and without revealing details of the conditions of the deal, the Panamanian group Petro Autos, through its subsidiary Advance Motors, announced that it will start selling the European brand in the local market. 

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Raúl Abadía, commercial vice president of Petro Autos, told Prensa.com that " ... the company has already made a heavy investment to acquire part of the assets of the former Renault dealer in the country, the company Lumovil, S.A., which managed the brand for the last seven years."

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The article details that " ...Advance Motors took the spare parts, tools and part of the technical staff who from Monday will start to attend the owners of Renault cars in the workshop that has been set up next to the main headquarters of Petro Autos on Transístmica Avenue."

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Regarding the use of the subsidiary Advance Motors, Abadía added that " ...We will be working with a subsidiary because Petro Autos is a Hyundai dealer, which is more of a mass market brand, while Renault is aimed at another market and the processes are different."



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