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International Birding Competition -- Panama sets 7 places to surpass regional brand in Global Big Day

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Panama sets 7 places to surpass regional brand in Global Big Day

Sun, 05/06/2018 - 12:42

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Around seven places along the Panamanian geography will be visited by researchers, tourist guides and visitors to participate in the Global Big Day, an international competition that consists of recording the largest number of birds, reported today the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP).

Among the places that have been identified and that have a greater wealth of birds are Cerro Hoya, in Azuero (center); The Copé and Puerto el Gago, in Coclé (center); Alta Ortiga in Santa Fe (center); Centro Pirre, in Darien (east); Cerro Colorado, in Ngäbe Buglé Comarca; and El Teribe, in Bocas del Toro (west).

The tourism entity explained in a statement that for the event to be held tomorrow, about 50 groups received introductory talks to train them on the Global Big Day.

But in addition to these places, it is expected that in the Panamanian capital there will be people to watch birds at Cerro Ancón, Metropolitan Natural Park, Soberanía National Park and the Bay of Panama.

The tourist guide specialized in protected areas of Panama, Christian Gernez, said that the event allows not only to know new areas that have greater potential for bird watching, but also places Panama on the map as an interesting destination to visit.

Natalia Zarco, a tourism guide specialized in protected areas, shared the same opinion, and said that the Central American country stands out for the biodiversity of birds it has, which encourages the boom in bird watching, apart from beaches and shopping.

"If we are among the 10 best positions or we reach the number one in Central America we will be in sight of all the nations and birders of the world because of our great variety," she said.

The activity -organized by the ornithology laboratory of Cornell University, one of the world leaders in the study of birds- involves about 160 countries with the purpose of generating data for scientific research and species preservation.

In the registration world, the birders will go out massively to catalog these animals in the application eBird, a tool directed for birders created in 2002 by the Audubon National Society, an organization engaged in the protection of birds and their habitats.

This tool will collect the photos of the birds observed in the place where they are and the sound of their songs, to identify them by species.

The expectation of Panama this year is to return to a higher position and rank the ten first places in the world, given that this country has more than 940 recorded bird species, a number greater than those of Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Last year, Panama was ranked second place in the Central American region, with 585 species, surpassed by Costa Rica with 647; while at the world level, Panama ranked the eleventh position. The first year of international competition, in 2015, Panama was ranked the sixth position and in 2016 position number nine.



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