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UNICEF launches digital campaign and protocol against bullying at schools in Panama

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UNICEF launches digital campaign and protocol against bullying at schools in Panama

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 22:03


Unicef and the Ministry of Education (Meduca) of Panama today launched the #CeroBullying digital campaign and an action document in cases of bullying at schools in the country, an official source told Acan-Efe.

The "Protocol of action in situations of bullying", prepared by Unicef, Meduca and other organizations through a working table called "Safe School-NO more Bullying", will be introduced in a pilot plan at about 10 schools in the country, said a spokesman for the ministry.

Meanwhile, the #AntiBullyngChallenge digital campaign will seek to encourage young people between 13 and 18 years to upload 30-second videos of 30 seconds giving recommendations on how to avoid bullying.

The Ministry of Education informed that the guide is aimed at teaching, leading and administrative staff to prevent, detect and immediately respond to cases of bullying both inside and outside school campuses.

This document includes guidelines for its execution, case identification, communication and documentation, intervention with the students involved, communication with families, interviews with students, follow-up, and closure of the process.

In addition, the guide contains definitions of school bullying, steps to detect victims, recommendations for school officials and a record sheet.

The Ministry of Education announced that it is expected that this year a ministerial resolution will be drawn up to legalize the mandatory use of the protocol.

According to the study of "Prevalence of depression and types of abuse in eighth grade students", conducted by the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Health Studies (Icges), 11.6 percent of the Panamanian student population suffers from depression and another 19.7 percent suffer from mistreatment and bullying.

In other words, 2 out of 10 students are victims of harassment, as evidenced by research done by health personnel.

The report also shows that this mistreatment is twice as frequent among men as it is among women, and is mainly carried out by their own schoolmates.

The protocol for action in cases of bullying was coordinated by Unicef, Meduca, the Organization of Ibero-American States, the Amaneceres Foundation, the Stop Bullying and Violence Foundation in Panama, the Morgan Foundation, the Healthy Relations Foundation and the Valórate Foundation.

On February 15, Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela passed Law 7, which establishes measures to prevent, prohibit and punish discriminatory acts, in order to eradicate bullying, sexual or moral harassment, racism and sexism in the workplace, school and community.



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