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English High Tea

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ACCBoquete 0a0b53461dd1446e03a258cb3c1fe2b7.jpgis hosting a fundraiser

on Thursday, May 10, 2018 as a pre Mother's Day celebration.

It will be held at The Garden Restaurant from 3:00PM – 5PM.


Besides the delicious homemade treats made by Romsey, there will be many

prizes givn away. Its a fun afternoon shared by you and your friends.

Bring your own favorite tea cup, wear a hat or just come

and enjoy being waited on and spoiled.

Bring a friend or a group of friends. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Space is limited and you must email Heather Dyer or Linda Hart to reserve a seat.

Deadline is Monday, May 7th at 5:00PM.


Heather @ 6662-0562

Linda @ lhart249@hotmail.com


ACCBoquete is an Association that supports all first responders but the funds raised will

go to replace the stove in the kitchen of the Police Department that no longer works with a

new one. Our Police work in shifts of 7days on, 7 days off and during the 7 days on shifts

they are required to live at the Police Station, without a kitchen. Please support this cause

to improve the living conditions of the men and women who protect and serve us.


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