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Shutdown of veterinary services on hold

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Shutdown of veterinary  services on hold

The total shut down of government veterinarian services in ports airports diagnostic laboratories and abattoirs has been postponed but the six-day stoppage of administrative and quarantine procedures will continue says José Torres, president of the Panama Association of Veterinary doctors.

He said the total stoppage was postponed after Panamenista deputy Luis Barría “acquired the commitment to guarantee that the law granting a pay increase receives the third debate on Monday, April 30 and he will do what is necessary for its sanction. ”

On Friday, April 27, the National Assembly plenary session approved the second draft of law 574, which seeks a salary increase for veterinary doctors, objected to by the Executive.

The project, which modifies Law 5 of, 1984, creating a career ladder for all veterinarians working in the country, was approved in the third debate in February and passed through the plenary session of the Assembly.

The initiative sets a career ladder based on years of service to the State or private companies, which will guarantee stability to veterinarians, within the institution or company where they work, explained the proposer deputy Luis Baria.

According to the Executive, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) indicated that the project lacks all the inherent cost estimates since there are no sources of financing Guaranteed to cover the high budgetary impact in 2018 or in later periods.

The Executive notes that the proposal,  is intended to provide for an increase of wages that is not contemplated in the General State Budget Law, and it is prohibited to order or authorize other items and programs not provided for in the budget.



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