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Terapy Massage


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Hotel la Serranía Spa
Benefits of the Massages

1. Effectively combat insomnia, migraines and other ailments associated with stress.
2. They help to relax us.
3. They help our lymphatic system.
4. Improve circulation.
5. They help eliminate toxins.
6. Calm muscle pain.
7They help to stimulate the glandular system which stabilizes the hormones.
8. They help relieve pressure on the back, neck and joints caused by poor posture or muscle weakness.
9. Help you sleep better.

We invite you to put an end to your stress problems, make your appointment today
at the hotel La Serranía, los Naranjos, in front to fútbol place and we have gift certificates for all the treatment for you.
Teléfono 730-8693
Celular 62874633

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