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Overclock Juan Arauz & Eduardo Velasquez - Biggest changes on technology


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Hi all the community!

Is a pleasure for me serve the community as technology consultant, in the last two years we have seen good changes in technology in our beloved Boquete
Starting with Internet Speed
Cable Onda went from 20 megs to 200megs
Wireless Internet Service offer now a minimum of 3 megs below 100$
Areas like Volcancito and Jaramillo has access to 100 megs of speed.
Optical Fiber from C&W is available in Alto Quiel with symetric speeds.
With this high speeds cheap router doesn't perform good under heavy load of hd video streaming
People the have more than 60 megs must migrate to comercial routers in order to suck the last byte from their modem
Any router the can handle 1 million of packets per second should be enough for heavy load HD video streaming.
Reliability Internet Service
The best wireless internet tech support is in the hands of Planet Telecom handle by our friend Alain
Mas Movil offer now the option of WIFI CALL in areas where is not cellphone towers availability
4G LTE are available now in most part of Boquete, that means the you can get 30 megs en your cellphone without any problem.
VPNs are not anymore capable to overcome any internet obstacle, i cant recommend any miracle vpn but  there is a good group the perform really nice.
But i can still recommend the best free vpn without advertising is built in under the Opera browser. If you want to watch amazon prime from a web browser this is a good Solution!
Desktop Computers
We can say finally CIAO to our big ATX case, their not longer belong to this world except for the gamers and old fashion tech guys, and our Government Offices the run still windows XP.
All in One became now in the standard for desktop.
Streaming Video
There is a lot of options for internet tv,  but really few reliables and tech friendly.
IP TV is still improving, but i cant deny they has been done good improvements.
The Biggest Problem
I consider our major problem is our electrical network, is so bad the sometime  kills our desire to live in this beautiful land.,  The infrastructure in some areas has more the 35 years of existence. Transformers the are not capable to perform a good job anymore because they are out of capacity.
Our Services
Electrical Consultant 
Software Consultant
Technology advisor
All kind of computer Repair specific Apple
All kind of electrical protection and repair
VPN and video streaming
Our Missionary Projects 
Lebanon with Syrian refugees
Voice of the Martyrs Middle East
Nicaragua Ciudad Sandino
Dominican Republic Puerto plata
Turkey Ankara
Operation Mobilization Panama
Casa Luz Volcan
Colegio Bilingue El Buen Pastor
If you want to joint us to help this projects please contact me and we will share our passion for Christ.
Thanks to our customers
Ricardo Perez
Del Monte - Chiquita Banana
Cable Onda
GMG alto Quiel
Electrisa David
Panamonte Estate
Fundacion Amigos de Boquete
And all the boquete Community!
We are located in San Francisco Plaza room 27 right above Scotiabank, our phone 730-8305, 6550-6370, 6695-8931.  our mail info@overclockcenter.net , overclockcenter@gmail.com
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