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Great Stocking Stuffers!
Drop by the BCP this week and pick up  a package of our sampler salts. We now have two sizes to choose from, 1 and 2 ounce packaging. 
* Fusion  Sriracha $3.5
* Fusion Habanero Heat $4
* Fusion Ghost Pepper $4
* Fusion Espresso Brava $3.5
* Fusion Lime Fresco $3.5
* Fusion Thai Ginger $5
* Fusion Vanilla Bean $4
* Fusion Spanish Rosemary $3.5
* Fusion Roasted Garlic $3.5
* Robusto Hearty Wood Smoked $4.5
* Smoked Applewood $4
Try One Of Our Great Dips!
* Bacon and Horseradish Dip New!
* Mandrin Orange & Poppy Seed Dip Sold Out!
* Chipotle
* Spicy Fiesta
* Garlic Ginger
* Curry Mango
* Vegetable
* Lemon Dill
  Just $4 each or 3 for $10
Located at the back bar of the BCP
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