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If history is any predictor, this product will disappear if I recommend it.   Yesterday, while holding my little paper tag number at the deli counter in Romero I scanned the case for anything "new" or interesting.   On the top shelf, directly under the scales or number dispenser, on the left side, was a local roast beef.  It stated it's grass fed.   I was curious, as I've tried to do my own roasts here, and even own a deli slicer that can slice my roasts very thinly, I seem to get a tough final product.  So, I asked if I could taste a sample of this.  It was delicious, tender, no weird spices.   I asked mine to be sliced paper thin, and it made delicious roast beef sandwiches.   So, if it sells out quickly Romero will probably quit carrying it because of the difficulty in keeping it stocked.  9_9


I'll admit, this product might have been here for ages, but I'd never seen it before.  It is labeled Campofino Lomo Ahumado, and was priced B 17.59/kg.   

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56 minutes ago, Keith Woolford said:

The label indicates it's smoked which may be the secret.

I don't like smoked, and I'm starting to think the little label printed on the bag is a different description than the on the actual large roast.  It doesn't taste smoked or look smoked.  but, you're right about "ahumado".   I'll try to get a picture of it next trip.  The Campofina label was correct.

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