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Panama’s privileged public ‘servants’

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OPINION: Panama’s privileged public ‘servants’

Givers and recipients of priviledges
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The definition of place of residence has different versions: one for ordinary citizens and another for candidates for popularly elected positions. And, of course, that of politicians is entirely flexible compared to that of the voters.

This situation is clearly another privilege for politicians, who believe and act above the Constitution. Why is the definition of residence so rigid for an elector and not for someone who aspires, for example, to be a deputy? The Electoral Code allows it because citizens simply allow it. This double standard is something that must be finished or, otherwise, we will continue to be part of castes in which some, because of the privileges they arrogate, are superior to the others.

We are supposed to live in a democratic state, in which public servants are no more than that: employees who work in exchange for a salary that we pay with our taxes. They are nothing else and should not enjoy any privilege, except the duties and rights of the rest of the citizens. If a person wishes to be part of the public service through elections, he must comply with the same requirements as we are required to be as electors. Rules equal for all, and not some for them and others for us. LA PRENSA, Apr. 16



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