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just 22 23 December, free Norton antivirus premium license for 1 year and IPAD MINI


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Just  Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23
For a computer tune up (PC and MAC) (30$)  GET a Norton Antivirus Security Premium or Mcaffee installed and the license for 1 year FREE FOR WINDOWS 7 8 10 COMPUTERS, and MAC OSX   
and as soon your installation its done you will participate in a raffle for a IPAD mini,  surge protector for the whole house and more gifts.
for more information CALL US    730-8305  or send a email at overclockcenter@gmail.com
the are antivirus licenses are limited to the first 100 customers.
Thanks to all our customers for keeping us busy 6 days a week for seven years,  in the early days we help coffee farms, exporting , roasting, keeping the plantation in good health,  then the computer repair shop the has been operating for 6 years and our electrical inspection service for the last 3 years.
We have a new service tested for around a year
Home remote control, to help disable people, travelers, get extra security in your homes.
A remote control for your house will help to turn on and off ligths, fans, water pumps (any kind of pump even 220v), take pictures of your home from a camera when you are not there, turn on a radio, computers, everything from your cellphone, from anywhere, get a email notification if somebody open specific door,  without your permission, if you have a water leak the system will warning you too.
Backup for electric gates AVOID the time of find a key to open a gate when the electrical network its down at nignt or rain time.
Juan, Arauz.
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