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Thank-you Boquete Community!


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Thank you to all the enthusiastic people who participated in the 3rd Annual Boquete Kids Camp Road Rally Scavenger Hunt yesterday. Due the incredible generosity of many merchants and private individuals we were able to award 3 grand prizes and raffle off more than $1100 worth of prizes this year. A special thank you to Leslie King and her helpers for hosting the event at the Clubhouse at the BCP and to the team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to create the clues, obtain prizes, sell raffle tickets, register teams and score the collected items and photos.

All the money raised will enable us to provide sponsorships for needy children in the Boquete area, transportation,  fun activities, and healthy meals for our kids at camp during January and February.


Thank you to:

Show Pony Resorts,                        

Big Daddy’s Beach Club and Hotel,

Alie MacArthur                                    

Janie Pageau- JDesigns

The Garden                                         

Kati Murphy – Katalysta Designs

Chop Sticks Restaurant                    

Mike and Heidi-Mike’s Global Grill

Georges Fireside Grill                       

Clubhouse at the BCP

Panama Joe Coffee                          

Ellen and Curtis Stacy                      

Chris-Big Daddy’s Grill-Boquete     

Richard-Sugar and Spice                                   

Wendy Burton – Lost Waterfalls      

Jillian Collis -Mystic Designs

Morts Bakery                                      

Jacqueline Jeffers                             

Gladys and Martina Bamboo Spa   

Sandra Cripe-Palmira Gold Coffee

Sunny Summer                                   

Larry-Larry’s Place

Frank-El Rio Encantado Lodge/Nature Resort        

Josh Dumatrait Auto Specialist Garage

Geordie, Sherry and Anita

Check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/boquetecamp/ for pictures

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