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Hello friends,

I was a resident of Panama in 2011 and obtained my Drivers Licence. It expired at the end of 2011. I left Panama. Now I am back and as of last month am a Permanent Resident. Can I renew my old licence? How can I do this?

Note: My expired licence from 2011 says "Tipo C" on the top right hand corner.

My old Passport Number is also on the expired drivers licence. Do I need to update this to my CEDULA number? How do I do that?

Many thanks :-)

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Unfortunately I do not have the old licence. Will this be a big problem when trying to renew it?

However, I do have a digital photo of it. So I have the licence number etc.

Is there a Government office that I need to go to in order to update my old passport number to my new passport number (before going to renew my licence)?

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9 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

Present your expired License, the original or a good copy of the Passport that you used to obtain it,  and your E-Cedula, to the folks at Sertracen s.a. in Chiriqui Mall and see what they say.



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Hi Keith.

I do not have the old licence. I only have a photo of it on my phone (I can print a colour copy of this)

I can also only get a copy of my old passport (not the original)

I have the E-Cedula original

Do you think I have a chance?


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