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  1. I found the original licence from 2011. I got it renewed. All I needed was my current passort. A copy of my 2011 passport. My Cedula and 2011 licence. Cheers for the tips ?
  2. This is getting to my point. However, in the scenario we are discussing there wouldn't be any country where the person spent more than 90 days per year going forward. So in what jurisdiction are you suggesting they might need to prove their tax residency? You can assume they are currently not tax resident in any jurisdiction as a result of travelling the world for a number of years - never staying in any jurisdiction for more than a few months and thus never becoming a tax resident anywhere. It seems reasonable that no jurisdiction would ever have the remotest interest in a tou
  3. Hi Palo Alto Jo, Yes.... a european. Sorry if I didn't mention it. As my question is about the Panamanian requirements to be tax resident in Panama I probably didn't think this mattered. As a nomad the person has not been living in any jurisdiction for long enough for the past 4 years to be considered tax resident anywhere else in 2018 other than Panama. So, I am still wondering where the person in this case is tax resident? A friendly nations resident of Panama who spends minimal time here each tax year and not long enough in any other jurisdiction to become tax resident anywhere else.
  4. Thanks Ray M. This is interesting information. You refer to "federal" taxes so this leads me to believe you are assuming the US is involved in this scenario. The US has nothing to do with what I am seeking clarity on. A European who has been out of their home country in Europe for 4+ years has ZERO connection to that country for tax purposes (unless they have assets, such as a property located in that country, which in this case they do not). Does a European with Zero tax obligations to their home country in Europe (due to the number of years they have not been tax resident ther
  5. Hi Keith. I do not have the old licence. I only have a photo of it on my phone (I can print a colour copy of this) I can also only get a copy of my old passport (not the original) I have the E-Cedula original Do you think I have a chance?
  6. Thats interesting but not really related to my question. I am only interested in the rules for a European person. Thanks for your comment.
  7. In that case maybe it would be easier to apply from scratch again using my European drivers licence. Doing it that way I think no driving school is required.
  8. Unfortunately I do not have the old licence. Will this be a big problem when trying to renew it? However, I do have a digital photo of it. So I have the licence number etc. Is there a Government office that I need to go to in order to update my old passport number to my new passport number (before going to renew my licence)?
  9. I am trying to determine if there is a minimum number of days that a permanent resident of Panama must be on Panamanian soil in order to be TAX resident in Panama. For example: In many jurisdictions there is a requirement of 183 days per year to be a tax resident. These days many thousands of "digital nomads" have residence in a jurisdiction they almost never set foot in. I have paid both a lawyer and an accountant in Panama and got wildly different answers. Hence my posting here to see if anyone else has encountered this issue of digital nomads being resident (for immigration purpos
  10. Hi all, Your opinion on the following scenario would be much appreciated. Especially if you are an accountant in Panama. Is a friendly nations permanent resident of Panama who does not live in, work or have any ties to, Panama still considered a TAX resident of Panama? Note the distinction between being TAX resident and resident in the immigration sense of the word. This is of interest to anyone with Friendly Nations Permanent Residence that is abroad (outside Panama) year round. And maybe only spends a few days in Panama every two years in order to maintain this status. P
  11. Hello friends, I was a resident of Panama in 2011 and obtained my Drivers Licence. It expired at the end of 2011. I left Panama. Now I am back and as of last month am a Permanent Resident. Can I renew my old licence? How can I do this? Note: My expired licence from 2011 says "Tipo C" on the top right hand corner. My old Passport Number is also on the expired drivers licence. Do I need to update this to my CEDULA number? How do I do that? Many thanks :-)
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