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Tuesday Talks at BCP -- Dr. Paul Myers on Volcan Baru


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10:30 in the BCP Theater
Tuesday, March 27 -- Did you miss Paul Myers' March 3 lecture "Baru’s Eruptions and Aftermath - A Geologist’s Observations" ?   Here is a second chance. Dr Myers will repeat this talk on Tuesday, March 27 at 10:30 a.m. in BCP Theater.  Volcan Baru,  as a “dormant" volcano, looms ominously on our western horizon.  Will it erupt again?  Dr. Paul Myers retired geology professor (University of Wisconsin, 1968-1997), with considerable volcano experience will share his ”observations” of Baru and what they may reveal of its violent past,  even what they might mean for the future.  Why doesn’t Baru “look like” a typical volcano? Why no lava flows?  What’s the origin of all the steep-walled terraces and deep canyons? Why all the boulders? How will an eruption affect Boquete? No matter how good you are - in the Boquete area, no one is an “expert”.  More questions than answers. FREE ADMISSION
Tuesday, April 3 – ACODECO (The Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition). Licda. Margarita Rodríguez from the David office of ACODECO will speak about the history and activities of this governmental agency that is established to monitor prices and protect the rights of consumers in Panama.  http://autoridaddelconsumidor.gob.pa
Tuesday, April 10 -- Javier Madge and Magaly Bustamante are an amazing local couple. They take care of approximately 40 homeless dogs that are awaiting adoption. Their huge fenced yard in Volcancito is the home of Boquete Dog Camp.
Tuesday, April 17 Newcomers Informational Meeting. A panel of “old-timers” will help you with topics such as local norms, including navigating unregulated intersections, how to drive in David, tipping (who, when and how much),  jubilado discounts, how and where to find things, and other things like that. 
Tuesday, April 24 -- The folklorica dance group Conjunto de proyeccion fololorica from Hospital Domingo de Obaldia will perform. The troupe is.led by Dr. Efraim Rios.
Tuesday, May 1
Tuesday, May 8 –Dr. Theo Cope on living in China. The cultural differences with and similarities to living the expat life anywhere (including Panama). Theo and his wife, Shery lived in China for about 20 years, in various regions and doing different types of work. This talk will present some reflections on Chinese history and current trends in Chinese culture and briefly touch on geo-politics as it impacts the western world in general and the future of Panama in particular. There are many misconceptions of China, and this talk will strive to illumine many of the realities of life there, from Chinese friends and personal experiences.
Tuesday, May 22 – Boquete Health and Hospice presents “Being Prepared Part I”.
Tuesday, May 29 – Boquete Health and Hospice presents “Being Prepared Part II”.
Tuesday, June 12 – Carla Black, Panama’s expert on heliconias, water lilies, and other native plants.
Tuesday, June 19 – Glenn Davis, author, lecturer, college professor, historian, and Boquete resident. He is the author of 4 books available on Amazon.com, three other books published in Japanese by leading Japanese publishers and hundreds of articles on Japan and Japan-American relations. One book is titled "How We Lived in Wellborn before Television" about the small town in Texas where he grew up in the 1950’s. He took note that Wellborn residents were very close-knit and friendly. People visited each other, sat out on their front porches and didn't lock their doors. But that was before TV arrived and changed everything about the small village. People did not visit as much and socialization virtually stopped inside homes as everyone was glued to their new boob tubes. Glenn will present a thoughtful comparison of today's cell phone and computer technology with the TV invasion of the past. Are cell phones the new TV? You can now see people sitting at home with their cell phones glued to their hands sending messages to each other in the same room, even on the same sofa. Real communities are being replaced by virtual ones. Where is all this tapping and beeping leading societies? Depressing or enlightening, the audience can choose.
To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting
To become a vendor at the Tuesday market,  Facility Manager
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