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News photographer gets 10 years for rape of minor

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News photographer gets 10 years for rape of minor

GUILTY of rape and libidinous acts
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A NEWSPAPER photographer began a 10-year jail term on Saturday, March 17,  for rape and libidinous acts against a minor 

The 10-year sentence was the result of a penalty agreement against Eduardo Grimaldo, who until his arrest and conviction worked for  La Estrella de Panama

The decision, validated by the judge of Guarantees Elkis Martínez, was published through an official communiqué of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP).

The penalty agreement was presented by the prosecutor Gina Díaz and accepted by the defender of Grimaldo, as established in article 220 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The deal was between the accused, the legal defense, the MP, and relatives of the victim, to save exposing the victim to an oral trial phase.

As an accessory penalty, the accused was disqualified from exercising public functions for the same period, once the main penalty has been served.



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Rape of minor plea deal to protect victim

Litigation prosecutprs
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PANAMA’S Public Ministry (MP) has released details of a penalty agreement in a case involving the rape of a minor by a news photographer.

At a  Sunday, March 18  press conference The Early Litigation Section clarified that the agreement of the previous day in which  photographer Eduardo Grimaldo, was sentenced to 10 years in prison was for the protection of the victim. ” We did not want the minor to be exposed, and revictimized, that’s why we worked very discreetly, ” said  Senior  Litigation prosecutor  Jasmina Muñoz de Aparicio.

With the penalty agreement, allowed by law, there is “certainty of punishment” with a prison sentence from the beginning of the investigation,  she explained.

She added that  that the sanction of a bill increasing the penalties approved for  rape of minors to a range from 12 to 18 years  is expected shortly. It has already been approved by in the National Assembly.

“There are cases of sexual crimes and homicide that have ended in acquittal,” said the senior prosecutor And some  did not even reach 10 years in prison “.

If the agreement is rejected as an alternative, the investigation would go to a Court of Judgment in the Accusatory Criminal (SPA). And  there would be “no certainty over the end the trial. The mother of the minor is the one who decides whether or not to transfer the case to oral trial.

The deputy prosecutor of Litigation, Gina Díaz, stressed that the Public Ministry always considers the victim’s opinion for the agreements.

Warning signs
The prosecutor recommended to the parents  watch  the behavior of minors who may have been victims  with  sudden changes in behavior, poor performance and aggression.



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