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New date for Baru Talk #2


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 Did you miss Paul Myers' March 3 lecture? 
"Baru’s Eruptions and Aftermath - A Geologist’s Observations"    
Here is a second chance,  Dr Myers will repeat this talk on 
Tuesday, March 27at 10:30 a.m. in BCP Theater.  



Volcan Baru, as a “dormant" volcano, looms ominously on our western horizon.   Will it erupt again?
Dr. Paul Myers
 retired geology professor (University of Wisconsin, 1968-1997), with considerable volcano experience will share his ”observations” of Baru and what they may reveal of its violent past,  even what they might mean for the future. 
Why doesn’t Baru “look like” a typical volcano?

Why no big lava flows? 
What’s the origin of all the steep-walled terraces and deep canyons?
Why all the boulders?
How will an eruption affect Boquete?
Watch our for mudflows! 

No matter how good you are - in the Boquete area, no one is an “expert”.  
More questions than answers.
FOR INFORMATON:  Contact:  paul.myers600@gmail.com


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