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The Strange Brew Radio Show, 2pm Friday, on Radio Chiriqui 103.3FM


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What is The Strange Brew Radio Show? It's an eclectic mix of rock, pop, & soul, from the '60s to today, ranging from the obvious to the obscure. You'll also hear the stories behind the artists and their songs. Most shows have a unique theme or subject, such as tributes to Glen Campbell, Tom Petty, & Walter Becker (Steely Dan), or themes like Time, Rain, Female Vocalists, Class of '77, Drinking, etc.
It is broadcast every week on Radio Chiriqui 103.3FM, from the peak of Volcan Baru, and can be heard all over western Panama on terrestrial radio, but you can also hear it over the internet through websites like tunein.com. New episodes are usually broadcast on Fridays sometime around 2pm EST (hey, this is Panama!), and again Mondays at 2pm.
The Listen Up! Website, listenupboquete.com, has now been fully updated with all of your favorite "The Strange Brew Radio Show" episodes available to listen to any time, day or night. Just visit listenupboquete.com and look for our page. While you're there, check out Linda Sherman's excellent "Listen Up!" show, filled with Boquete fun facts and interesting interviews, and read the fascinating true story of Panama Red.

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