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Recital Cellos Ensemble of the University of Panama


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First concert of music in the Library of Boquete, season 2018
With the First Cellos Ensemble of the University of Panama
Directed by Dr. Isacc Casal
Tickets in:  Mail Boxes Etc. & Biblioteca de Boquete
Fundación Biblioteca de Boquete
Tel. 720-2879
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7 minutes ago, NewsLady said:
First Cellos Ensemble of the University of Panama
Directed by Dr. Isacc Casal

Should be stellar with Isacc as director!  Glad he is returning!




IsaacCasalIsaac Casal, cello

At the age of 25 Isaac founded Fundación Sinfonía Concertante de Panamá. Presently, the programs of FUNSINCOPA have expanded to three different high-risk neighborhoods. He is also Artistic Director and founder of the Alfredo Saint-Malo Music Festival of Panama. In June of 2009, Isaac was given recognition by the Instituto Nacional de Cultura de Panamá. Isaac has been an active member of the YOA – Orchestra of the Americas since 2003. In 1998 he attended the Daniel Heifetz International Institute in Annapolis, Maryland. In 2000, Isaac studied with Karen Melik-Stefanov at Southwest Minnesota State University. In 2001 he transferred to Florida International University to study with Keith Robinson and Javier Arias. In 2005 Isaac studied under Gary Hardy at Baylor University where he earned his MA in cello performance, and in 2010 he earned an Artist Certificate studying with Andres Diaz at Southern Methodist University. Isaac currently resides in Baton Rouge and is a doctoral cello student at Louisiana State University.

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