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Politicians creating city of chaos

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OPINION: Politicians  creating city of chaos

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If there is something that [Panama] governments do not know, it is planning. They spend millions of dollars to tell others what to do, but as soon they begin something they work otherwise.

What they do know is improvisation. This is what has made the city chaotic and the worst part is borne by users of public roads, as they are those who must suffer every day and night because nobody plans the best way to solve the barriers that the works generate supposedly to “improve the road. ” No bureaucrat cares to know how much it will cost the people, directly from their  pocket, and the chaos that arises with the simultaneous construction of the subway, underground cables, paving of streets, widening of roads, blocking off streets, reconstruction of sidewalks and the traffic jams that they generate and the suffering goes on! There are plenty of examples: buses are bought and no one thought of stops; the Metro is built, but then they remember the parking lots. new stops exchanged all without planning, and  “on the way” there are new needs but it is already preposterous to trust politicians to watch over the best interests of society. La Prensa, hoyporhoy, Feb. 25.



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