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Tuesday Talks at BCP -- Volcan Baru


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10:30 in the BCP Theater
Tuesday, February 27 --  Volcan Baru, a sleeping  volcano, looms ominously on our western horizon. When will it erupt and what are the real dangers?  Dr. Paul Myers retired geology professor (University of Wisconsin, 1968-1997), with considerable volcano experience, will review recent studies which accurately describe Baru’s long, unique history, and enumerate its most probable hazards . . .  especially for people living in the Caldera River valley. Valleys radiating from the Baru summit are potential pathways for dangerous mudflows called lahars.  He will close with suggestions for mitigating the deadliest effects of a Baru eruption. Following the talk, Dr. Myers will distribute hand-outs and solicit participants for a March 3 caravan tour of the Boquete area.
Tuesday, March 6Stressed? Interpersonal conflicts? Cope better by learning to “Surf it!” Stress is a normal phenomenon of life; without it boredom would set in; but too much of it causes health problems. The latest research indicates that it’s not stress, per se, that causes problems, but one’s attitude towards it. There are many techniques offered to ‘manage’ stress, to avoid or release stress, and a new model of ‘stress surfing’ created by a Russian psychiatrist that offers a way to ride the energy wave of stress and benefit from it. This talk will present research, insights and simple but powerful techniques based on ‘stress surfing’ to help cope better with stress and interpersonal conflicts, which are often sources of stress and challenges. Dr. Theo Cope has presented workshops on ‘stress surfing’ to embassies, international companies, patients, parents and students while living in China and he is part of an international “Stress Surfing” network.
Tuesday, March 13 – Rainelda Mata-Kelly, well-known Panama City attorney, will update us on legal changes in Panama including immigration and property taxes. Rainelda obtained her law degree with honours from SANTA MARIA LA ANTIGUA UNIVERSITY, PANAMA and a Master of Laws from CORNELL UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL, Ithaca, N.Y., U.S.A. specializing in Commercial & Maritime Law. Over her 30 years in practice she has also practiced in London for 6 years as founding resident attorney for a Panamanian law firm.  As of 1989, she has her own private practice in the areas of Corporations, Commercial and Shipping Law of Panama, including civil and administrative matters such as taxes, contracts, real estate transactions, immigration, labour permits, etc. She acts as legal adviser to local and foreign companies. For 10 years she was the legal adviser to the Colon Free Trade Zone Merchants Association and for 5 years as legal adviser to INTERED Panama (Internet Service Providers Association).
Tuesday,  March 20 – Tom Werder presentsRetire with Purpose”. Tom helps retirees access their inner world where they discover a personal mastery that fills their later years with purpose and the joy of continuing contribution. Tom believes there is a hidden master within you and retirement is the perfect time to discover and bring this mastery forward.  You have a lifetime of lessons to teach, and now it is time to share your mastery with the world. You can discover your voice and make a massive impact on humanity.  This is for the retiree who refuses to idle away their golden years. This is for those who want something more in retirement than reading books and playing games.  This is for the person who wants life to be thrilling and fulfilling and a continuous contribution.  This is for you! There is FREE ADMISSION.
Tuesday, March 27The folklorica dance group Conjunto de proyeccion fololorica from Hospital Domingo de Obaldia will perform. The troupe is.led by Dr. Efraim Rios.
Tuesday, April 3 – ACODECO. Licda. Margarita Rodríguez will speak about the history and activities of this governmental agency that is established to protect the rights of consumers in Panama.
Tuesday, April 10 -- Javier Madge and Magaly Bustamante are an amazing local couple. They take care of approximately 40 homeless dogs that are awaiting adoption. Their huge fenced yard in Volcancito is the home of Boquete Dog Camp.
To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting
To become a vendor at the Tuesday market,  Facility Manager
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