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Food Sniffing Security Dog at Airport

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Here I was standing in the Mexico City airport waiting for my luggage to appear on the carousel when an official plus a dog appeared. This golden Labador was busy sniffing all bags. The animal suddenly sat next to one man's small case. The officer asked the owner if he had food in his suitcase. The startled man answered "yes"; took out a small apple and gave it to the officer. Dog and officer moved on thru the crowd.

This was a first for us -- to see this kind of screening using dogs. The dog was incredibly well trained. As soon as he sniffed the apple, he immediately sat down next to the suitcase. Upon completion of the interaction between the security guard and the traveler, the dog was given a small treat, and the two went on their way looking for other violations.

After a few seconds I approached this gentleman and asked how many apples he had in his case. He replied only one. He had dropped this single piece of fruit from his hotel breakfast into his luggage and forgotten about it.

I knew about drug sniffing dogs but this was my first awareness of dogs trained to sniff out fruit.

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