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Police in Potrerillos Disarm Suspect with 2 Guns

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I was so happy to read this.  Good for the Policia on duty in Potrerillos!!  Their proactive response came a couple of years too late in my case but I have no doubt that, on this occasion, somebody's life has been saved.  Hopefully the Police will make much more progress in the fight to eliminate the gangs of underage (as in too young to be prosecuted) teenage members and are able to find and prosecute the gang leaders who recruit them -- and ultimately the legal system will sentence them -- maybe.....

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hi Marion, we were glad to see you're doing well. (photo of lunch on FB)

Fortunately for those who remain, I believe that tougher attitudes towards juvenile offenders are finally beginning to prevail here.

On Monday, a 17-year old from Concepcion was sentenced to 6 years and 2 months in prison for raping a 14-year old.

A horrible crime, but it did not go unpunished because he is a minor. As soon as the offender turns 18, he will be leaving Juvenile detention and entering Penitentiary.



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Hi Keith, great to hear a "minor" has actually been prosecuted -- this is progress indeed.  Thank you so much for your post.

I AM doing well (in between another emergency surgery and multiple and continuing doctor visits), but after 21 months here in the Yucatan with my wonderful daughter I am returning home to the UK.  20+ years in the US, 16 in Panama and 2 in Mexico -- it's time to go home.  Of course I HAD to go see Mark, Gary and Shelly  -- and they will take the ferry over to visit me here -- Gary fell in love with the arrachera at a local restaurant I took him and Shelly to so naturally Mark wants to try it out.

Best to you and to the beautiful Jillian.  Stay well, stay happy.  Abrazos.

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