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Welcome to the newsletter of Boquete Health and Hospice
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2018 Boquete Health and Hospice Officers 

On February 8, BHHF held the annual election of officers at our volunteer luncheon. The officers for 2018 are David Wulf- President, Laurie Collier- Vice-President, Linda Sanchez-Secretary and Merl Will-Wallace-Treasurer. BHHF accomplished almost all of the 2017 goals that were set last year. In the near future the board will be meeting to develop the 2018 goals.

President:  David Wulf


Vice-President:  Laurie Collier


Treasurer:  Merl Will-Wallace


Secretary:  Linda Sanchez

The History of Boquete Health and Hospice


In 2006 John and Babbie Earle decided to form a hospice organization in the Boquete area. Having been volunteers of two hospices in the U.S. for 30 years, they were firm believers in the concept of death with dignity, and palliative care for the infirm and dying.
In 2007 John and Babbie financed and formed the Boquete Hospice and Health Foundation, with the help of Jerry Hendrick and Mary Feldbrugge. Services were offered to the ex-pat community, given limited Spanish language skills of the volunteers, and the complication of creating a separate Spanish speaking administration.
As founding members they added the concept of health support, realizing that there were many ex-pats in the community that would need help when incapacitated or infirm. They decided that BHHF would provide temporary services such as; driving, shopping, delivering meals and performing basic household chores. BHHF had now developed two missions.
The first goal was to create an operating manual. With help from many people and sources from New England hospice organizations, the manual was written.  Today it is still used (with yearly updates) for trainings and guidance.
Next, trained volunteers were needed. BHHF is very fortunate to have Beverly Stearns as our training officer, a job she has done so well for many years. Many others have contributed to the training, such as; nurses, communication experts, and doctors. As of the last training, there are more than eighty people that have benefitted from this instruction!
Another mission was added when BHHF brought in containers of medical equipment to loan out to members of the community; both ex-pats and Panamanians. Oxygen concentrators, wheel chairs, commodes, hospital beds, and more, are all available to the entire community, free, delivered and cared for by more dedicated volunteers.
BHHF also recognized the need for a list of current blood donors for times of need, since blood banks aren’t common here.  
The palliative care program in Boquete, mandated by the government, is an example of where BHHF hopes to work with the government to renew the vision of death with dignity and minimal suffering.
Many people have worked hard to get BHHF where it is today; the volunteers provide care and compassion at especially difficult times of life.  BHHF volunteers will tell you the rewards they receive from doing this work far exceed the time and effort they put in.
Babbie and John express profound thanks to all the trainers, volunteers, administrators and organizer for their many contributions to create this viable and valuable organization.

Best Wishes to Karen Hill


Karen Hill has been a member of Boquete Health and Hospice for many years. Her contributions to our organization are numerous. She has left the Boquete area to begin a new life in Bend, OR. Karen has contributed in numerous ways to BHHF: past-secretary, past-president, team leader and chair of the mentoring program. But most importantly, Karen is an example to all of us of the kindness it takes when we share our hearts, hands and help.

Karen will be greatly missed by all of us. Her warm smile, thoughtful observations and gentle negotiation skills have helped to form BHHF into the organization it is today. We wish her the best as she begins her new adventure.

Here is a poem for Karen that expresses the feelings of us all:

Karen Hill

Dedicated hearts like Karen Hill’s
Are not so easy to find.
It takes a special person to be
So generous and kind.

To care so much for others
Is a quality all too rare.
Yet Karen gave her time and talents,
For all in need to share.

So thank you for being a BHHF volunteer,
We're privileged to work with you.
We want you to know how appreciated you are,
Not just today, but your whole life through.

We're GROOVING at the Boquete Blues and Jazz Festival!



Boquete Health and Hospice will have a booth at the Feria Feb. 23, 24 and 25.  Volunteers will explain our services, and check your blood pressure for free.  "Slide on by" - we're down from the Main Stage on the river side.

A Gift for You!


Boquete Health and Hospice will have a table at the Tuesday Market.  Volunteers will answer any questions you have regarding the services we offer. A nurse will also be there to take your blood pressure.
As a thank you for donations of $20 or more, we will be giving away exceptional gift bags. These insulated tote bags have a front pocket, a zippered enclosure and our logo that shows you are a supporter of Boquete Health.
We will be at the Tuesday Market every Tuesday until the end of March. Please stop by and see us!  Or email lojocollier@yahoo.com to donate and receive your gift.
Watch for our friendly and helpful volunteers at the Tuesday Market!

Please take 1 minute to view our descriptive video.  Click on the link:


We have entered our video in the Video Festival. The festival has been postponed. Between June 1-14 go to the YouTube link and click on the thumbs up to vote for our video. You can only vote once. We will appreciate your votes!!

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To Make a Donation:
BHHF functions with the donations provided by the community. If you are interested in supporting the work we do, please make a donation. To make a financial contribution by check or cash contact Laurie Collier, our treasurer, at lojocollier@yahoo.com  to arrange a place and time to pick up your donation. 

For more information, visit our website:

We also have a Facebook page:
Please Like our page and Share the contents with your friends and families.

To Contact Us
Hospice/Health: 507.6781.9250
Blood Donor Program: 507.6590.2000
E-mail: boquetehospice@gmail.com
E-mail: boquetehealth@gmail.com
All patient information shared with any Boquete Health and Hospice volunteer is kept in the strictest confidence. 
Copyright © 2017 , All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
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