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Panama: Changes in Energy Tenders

The state electricity transmission company is considering not holding any more special tenders for generators that use renewable resources, which will have to compete with all types of generators.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Representatives from the Electricity Transmission Company (Etesa) reported that with the modifications that are being made to the law, in future tenders for energy supply will compete with all other kinds of generation forms. 

Regarding this situation, last October the Panamanian Association of Business Executives proposed that " ... incentives for thermoelectric generation should compete with renewable generation, we recommend that mechanisms be developed in the law so that it is maintained on an equitable plane for both technologies. "

Gilberto Ferrari, manager of Etesa, told Critica.com.pa that "..." specific tenders will not be given, but the reforms that are being made to the law include the concept that each technology, in direct related to its contribution of pollutants, bear the costs associated with them, which will lead to a leveling out of the environmental burden during the tenders'."

Ferrari added that " ... no more special tenders will be held for generators that use renewable resources and they will have to compete with other alternatives such as thermal ones, in a concurrence of all against all. "



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