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Potrerillos Arriba without Water 6 Days

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Folks over in Potrerillos Arriba have been without water service for 6 days and were out in the road protesting this morning. Apparently there’s a connection with the problem to the work taking place there for the Ruta Sur.

From Trish Cristoffersons FB page.

The Potrerillos community gathered this morning at 6am to stage a protest. There was a good mix of locals and expats. We blocked the entrance to the equipment parking area of the the road construction company that accidentally broke a pipe in the community water supply line. The pipe is on community property and the local water company wouldn't give the construction company permission to fix the pipe. And yet the water company wouldn't fix the pipe because they didn't break it. The stalemate has left Potreillos without water for the last five days. One of our community leaders, Santiago Espinosa, organized the protest. We effectively stopped the road work until the pipe repair conflict was resolved. There were media crews filming and law enforcement personnel. I loved it that the only thing the police had in their hands was their camera. It was peaceful and productive. I love Panama!”

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The water has been "iffy" for about a week.  Looks like the contractors cut a main line coming down the hill when they were doing some fill and widening work at the junction of the Potrerillos Arriba main road.  Water is coming back slowly but the problem now is the red earth that has gotten into the system.  I have 5 filters prior to my reverse osmosis drinking water system and every one of them was dirty.  Usually the first filter stops everything, but this red stuff is so fine it gets through.  Ah well, new filters all around, probably time anyway.

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