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Carnival 2018: Spinoff Effects

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590  trash workers for Cinta Costera Carnival clean up

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Some 590 workers of Panama’s  Garbage and  Cleaning Authority (AAUD)  will be assigned to cope with the multi-tons of garbage resulting from  Carnival celebrations, Feb  9-13.

The workforce will include sweepers, harvesters, operators, drivers, supervisors, and special technical and mechanical. maintenance staff.

On February 8,  90 collection tanks  with a total capacity of 1,700 liters will be placed on the Carnival route

During the operating hours of the culecos (water from tankers sprayed on dancing revelers) personnel will remain in the area supporting the cleaning work.

Officials of the AAUD will also distribute biodegradable bags to the owners of food and beverage kiosks while informing them Inform these that each site should have its own containers for waste.

The authority also reports that the collection service will continue on a regular basis in the 23rd corregimientos of the capital city.



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25,000 security personnel for Carnival

Sinaproc staff
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OVER  25,000 men and women will be on duty during the four days of carnival to provide security for revellers, motorists and beach lovers.

The National Civil Protection System  (Sinaproc),  will have 1,500  members serving as lifeguards and with prehospital and public safety equipment, and will work in river and beach areas.

María Luisa Romero, Minister of Government, said that everything is in order and they are waiting to get good results with coordination between Sinaproc and the Joint Task Force (FTC).

Sinaproc, Director José Donderis, said that the priority on the eve of Carnival was  on ensuring the mobility of thousands of Panamanians moving  into the interior of the country,

Donderis said that the important thing during these dates is the designated driver and that a strong control campaign will be in place in all areas, visiting the centers of shows located in Azuero, Coclé, Panama and even in Darién.

“Commercial  carnival establishments  or individuals who violate the security measures and do not comply with the provision of the permits granted will  have  the permits canceled and  the activity closed,” he added



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No Carnival Joy Riding  for State Vehicles 

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Drivers found using State vehicles during festivities will face a $100 fine and if it is a repeat offence they will be fired says a notice from the Comptroller’s office.

The  notice said that all State cars that circulate during Carnival festivities

must have their current license plate and a copy of the insurance policy and a safe conduct that justifies “with clarity ” the mission you are going to perform in all cases that you use the vehicle outside of working hours.

In cases where defaults are found, the offender will be sanctioned with a fine of $100. If it is a case of recidivism, the driver will be dismissed

The measures must be followed  by the  three organs of the State, decentralized entities, universities, public offices  and other government components, adds the Comptroller

Public entities are advised to approve only “missions that respond to social interest, health or safety, and are related to the work carried out by each institution“



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Portable Shower Trucks Load Up For Carnival

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A TOTAL of 62 tanker trucks sucked up their first load of water on Friday night, Feb. 9   for the start of Panama Carnival festivities.

Culeco ritual

They are destined to perform their annual role of spraying dancing revellers in the country’s unique “culeco” tradition.

They took water from the rivers La Villa in Chitré and El Chorro in Ocú, Herrera.

Marlenis Marín, Environment Ministry watershed technician said that 41 of these tanks will be used in the Union, Centennial, Monagrillo and Parita parks and the rest are destined for the Ocueño carnival.

Marin said that the tanks will be supplied only once a day.

The tanker owners must only use the authorized site downstream from the Chitré water treatment plant.

Earlier in the week, one owner was fined $1000 for filling up in the wrong location.



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65,807 vehicles, (and counting), head to interior

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By 10 am on Saturday, February 10, some 65,807 vehicles were heading for the interior to celebrate carnival  or spend time on beaches, where yellow and red flags were being raised by the Civil Assistance Agency, (Sinaproc ) says the Transit Authority  (ATTT)

Also from the early hours of Saturday morning, thousands of people packed the Albrook terminal to travel by bus. Over 250,000 people were expected to leave Panama City, with the vehicle flow continuing throughout the weekend.



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