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Corrupt politicians fear honest prosecutor – Varela

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Corrupt politicians fear honest prosecutor  – Varela

Varela at police ceremony
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“A corrupt politician is afraid of an honest prosecutor, “ said President Juan Carlos Varela on Tuesday. January 30, as rival political factions, charged with ratifying the appointment of two new Supreme Court judges, wrangled over procedures in the National Assembly.

Varela was defending the designation of the anti-corruption prosecutor Zuleyka Moore as magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), during a graduation ceremony of  3,885 policemen.

“A criminal is afraid of an honest policeman …a corrupt politician is afraid of an honest prosecutor, “he said during his speech.

Varela, said stressed that the choices for the CSJ  are “well justified” and were evaluated by  a technical board, and “that’s why today I will make the effort to promote a prosecutor who has deserved it  “However, it will be the Assembly, a” political entity “, that will make the final decision.

He said the prosecutor has fought against corruption and faced “economic powers and politicians “who had never before faced justice… she is a” brave person, honest and independent. ”

Asked  if the ruling party has the votes in the National Assembly to ratify the appointees Ana Lucrecia Tovar de Zarak and Moore, as magistrates, Varela said: “let’s hope so,” reports La Prensa.



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