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Two Under Arrest & Investigation for Armed Robbery in Alto Boquete

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Two Under Arrest & Investigation for Armed Robbery in Alto Boquete

Two persons, 19 years of age, are under investigation with a provisional detention measure, after allegedly being linked to an offense of armed robbery of a commercial premises in the district of Boquete.

The incident occurred on 14 January 2018, when two people entered a commercial premise located in Alto Boquete with a firearm and weapon (knife) in the early hours of the evening, threatening the owners and clients who were in the place at that time, to deprive them of money, cards, and cell phones.

The Personera of Boquete in charge of the case, Gissele Acosta, began an immediate investigation and conducted a series of raids and proceedings in different sectors of the area, which led to the arrest of these two people, as well as the retrieval of the weapons used and the majority of the stolen goods.

In a hearing which was achieved at the request of the Public Prosecutor, with evidence shown that they have in the investigation, having filed the charges for the crime of aggravated robbery (robbery), to the detriment of a mini super and to apply the measure of detention, a Judge of Guarantees legalized the apprehension.


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