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A big huge Thank you !!


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To all my amazing supporters in Boquete.
It is a shame, but unfortunately, despite every good intention, and efforts towards it,   I will not be returning to head the Green Room for the Festival again this year.  
I have been given the most delicious blessing in my beautiful new Granddaughter Alyssa, who at present is in my charge full time.  To uproot her day to day routines, and head out for a month or so,  simply has not been sitting well with me,  and so I am handing the reigns to someone else now to  carry on the work I began in 2012.  I have no doubt the Green Room will continue to be the fantastic success is has been in the past, and I wish my successor(s) every good wish, and remain  available to pass on any information and assistance they may require.  
I have been blessed with the time I spent in Boquete. What began as a 3 month volunteer stint, evolved into 6 years, and I will forever be appreciative for the opportunities and more importantly the friendships I have made. The Boquete community is one of a kind, and its amazing to have been a part of that. 
From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported me in building the Green Room to what it has become today. All the volunteers and foodies who became involved and worked so hard, without you all, it simply would not have happened. Whilst,  taking care of the artists and visitors  is a lot of fun , it is hard work, and long hours, and each and every one of you have done an amazing job, whether it be working alongside me in the Green Room, or supplying amazing dishes to the buffets.   Thank you so much for your invaluable support.  For those of you who are new to Boquete, I recommend you become involved, in whatever capacity. You will have an amazing time, and make new friends. 
I wish the festival 2018 every success.   I am sad to not be seeing my friends this time round, but I have no doubt I will descend upon your shores sometime in the future, and I will look forward to it. 
Thank you for all the love and memories
with hugs from  Kiwi Vicki “Down Under’  - 
Vicki Whittle
(+64) (0)21 954 998
skype : vixeniwi1
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