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OPINION: Facing A New Reality Re LGBT Persons

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OPINION: Facing a new reality

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In its advisory opinion of November 24, 2017, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights made a very significant pronouncement on the discrimination of LGBTI people and about equal marriage.

It remains clear that the recognition of the consensual union between two adults of the same sex as a marriage is a human right that must be respected.

The Inter-American Court has established an obligation for countries like Panama  to adapt their legislation and institutions to this new reality.  The time has come for prejudice, intolerance and discrimination are things of the past in public institutions that recognized a single family model.

This is not a mere economic claim but a recognition of the  existence  of the right to dignity that exists for each person. Now the National Assembly, the Supreme Court of Justice and central government entities have the task of identifying and implementing  the changes that must be made. That is the essence of a State of law that protects its citizens.



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