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Dalis at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market on Sunday & Mana Friday


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Dalis at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market on Sunday & Mana Friday

On Sunday I will be at the Chiriqui Storage Flea Market, 10 AM-1 PM.
Friday I will be at Restaurante Mana, in Volcan, from 8-11 AM with:
Super Chocolate Walnut Brownies $2.00
Frozen Panang Chicken & Chili con Carne are both $4.
Raisin Spice & Candied Fruit bars are 0.50 or 5 for $2. 
Chocolate Bars are 0.75 or 3 for $2.
Walnut or Almond Banana Breads are $3.50.
Honey Whole Wheat Bread big loaf is $4 & mini loaves are $1.50.  
At both events I will have:
Organic Tumeric--We have so much that we are dropping the price to $5.00/lb.  
Organic Ginger $2/lb.

Trees: (G is for grafted tree, all are organic)
$2: Cacao, Lychee, Limoncillo(good for fences & windbreak),
       Mulberries, Borojo, & Mamon Chino
$4: Carambola
$5: Taiwanese Guava,  Araza
$6: Mangostin
$8: Valencia Oranges(G),  Persa Lemons(G), Pink Grapefruit(G), Tangerines(G)
$12: Kaffir Lime Trees, Butter Avocado(G)
$5: Shooting Star Shrub, Clerodendrum Minahassae, Red Cascade Miniature Climbing Roses
$6: Mock Orange, Yesterday Today & Tomorrow
$7: Bougainvilleas ā€“ a variety of colors, Downy Jasmine, Hibiscus, Azaleas
$8: Roses
$10: Honeysuckle
Colorful Leaf Plants: 
$5: Crotons
$2: Italian Oregano & Basil, Mint,  Rosemary, Sage, Thyme. Stevia

Plants can be reserved by calling me at 6914-4280, 
or email donwiththemonkeys@  yahoo.
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