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Mail sent via the BCP mail service -- looking for Kent & Sue Myers and Patti Powers


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Hola Boquetenos:
This is to remind folks that the BCP mail service is a volunteer effort and those that use it are responsible for calculating the correct postage. The volunteer who took the mail to the U.S. this past week ended up paying $5.08 in postage for 3 envelopes that had insufficient postage applied. These 3 parcels all contained something other than paper.
We are looking for the following folks to stop by BCP this coming Tuesday to reimburse us for the cost of the extra postage:

2 manila envelopes sent by Kent and Sue Myers.   They had put one 0.98 stamp on the manila envelope for Marjorie.  I paid $2.02.  They had put  $1.96 in stamps on the package for Cheryl Wightman; I added $1.04. If you know these folks, tell them they owe us $3.06.
Patti Powers sent an envelope containing some kind of merchandise to Barbara Harrison in a regular envelope.  She'd put a stamp for 0.98 on the envelope; I paid an additional $2.02. Please tell Pat Powers to stop by and pay us $2.02
Thanks much.
Penny Barrett
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