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Society Owes Debt To Anti-Corruption Prosecutor

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Society owes debt to anti-corruption prosecutor

Carlos Bolivar Pedreschi
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“A magistrate with a vocation and  a record of anti-corruption struggles is preferable  to more prominent lawyers but indifferent to the problem of corruption and impunity.”

The statement comes from prominent constitutional lawyer Carlos Bolívar Pedreschi who has weighed into the debate over the ratification of Ana Lucrecia Tovar de Zarak and Zuleyka Moore as magistrates of the Supreme Court.    “In the crucial hours in which the country is living, what is most urgent is a Court with proven magistrates in the fight against corruption and against impunity, “he said.


Tovar de Zarak and Moore

On December 15, President Juan Carlos Varela announced that Tovar de Zarak and Moore were chosen to replace retiring judges Oydén Ortega and Jerónimo Mejía. On  Wednesday, December 27  the citizen consultations began in the Credentials of the National Assembly Credentials Committee.

“In my opinion, both nominees meet the requirement to be linked to the fight against corruption and against impunity. This feature is more noticeable in the case of prosecutor Zuleyka Moore, to whom society owes the prosecution  and imprisonment of prominent figures in politics and the national economy linked to corruption “,

Regarding the fact that if Moore is ratified as a magistrate she would have to declare herself impeded in the cases she handled as anticorruption prosecutor,

Bolívar Pedreschi says he sees more advantages in the fact that a person of known character and rectitude is introduced to the court that in the disadvantages derived from the eventual impediments. ”

He said that as far as he is aware, “the cases of possible impediments do not pass 15% of the total of those handled by all the anti-corruption prosecutors. I definitely have no doubt that the Court and the country would win more with Moore in the Court that out of it. “



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