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Rife Technology Available-Free Consultation


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Hello All,


Please contact me via email regarding how Rife Technology can help you with pain management, diabetes, detox, parasitic infection etc...



DR Bill 


Now Available - Rife Technology Treatments

Bamboo Beauty Spa, Gladys McGraw, Owner/Manager, 6531 0326

Dr Bill McGraw, 6205-1605, billmcgraw29@hotmail.com

Frequencies from 1 hertz to 5 million can do anything from shatter glass, to destroy cancer cells, to aid in detoxification and speed healing of injuries. This technology was developed formally in the 1930s, by a medical hero by the name of Royal Rife who had repeatedly healed terminally ill cancer patients given up by their traditional physicians.

Conducted remotely using a piece of DNA (fingernail) and the Law of Quantum Entanglement, or with Intense New Plasma Technology, this technology has expanded exponentially from its initial development to successfully treat every illness imaginable.

Treatments cost $35 for 1 week using remote technology or 1-hour Intense Plasma. A vast amount of info can be found on Youtube looking for Royal Rife,  Spooky2.com, Quantum Entanglement, frequencies for healing and like terms.

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