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Roberto Roy (Head of Metro de Panama) Faces Bribery Allegations Centered on Metro Lines 1 & 2 Construction Projects

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Metro chief denies bribery allegations

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Roberto Roy who oversaw the construction of Metro line  during the Martinelli administration and has remained at the helm of the state company Metro de Panamá, S.A  under Varela, denies having received bribes from the consortium that built the Metro.

He has described as “false” a testimony of Rodrigo Tacla Durán who told Spanish prosecutors last February that the consortium that built Metro Line 1 –  of which Odebrecht was part-paid bribes to Panamanian officials.

Tacla Duran was the same witness  who said that President Juan

Carlos Varela received money from Odebrecht reports La Prensa.

He said ” I  remember a case of a bribe that Roberto Roy received that FCC paid. ”

[FCC was the Spanish company that partnered with Odebrecht to build the Panamanian subway]. Duran said that this bothered the Odebrecht Director in Panama, André Rabello, because “he tried to pay Roberto Roy who did not take the money because he wanted money from the Spanish company [FCC] because he saw that there was less chance of being discovered or suspected of receiving bribes. ”

Tacla Duran was arrested in a hotel in Spain in November 2016, at the request of the Brazilian authorities, for having been part of a cartel of companies that systematically paid bribes in exchange for public works contracts.

Spain denied his extradition, but in return offered to judge him in its courts for the crimes that are imputed to him by Brazil.



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Metro boss bribery report spurs action call

Roberto Roy denies bribery reports
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Statements by a former Odebrecht executive alleging that the director of the Panama Metro, was bribed.  has civil society demanding speedy court action in an appeal against a ruling which has blocked continued investigation of the Odebrecht scandal.

the Second Court of Justice must decide whether the deadline for investigation by Special Anticorruption Prosecutors following the trail of bribes paid by Odebrecht in Panama should be extended. It has been paralyzed since October 25, after a ruling of Court XII.

The call for speedy action comes after revelations by Rodrigo Tacla Durán, to Spanish prosecutors that Metro Director and Canal Minister   Roberto Roy was bribed by FCC, a partner of Odebrecht during construction of  Metro lines 1 and 2.

“All these new statements and disclosures prove that the terms of investigation have to be adequate, “said Olga de Obaldía, executive director of the Foundation for the Development of Citizen Freedom, the Panama arm of Transparency International.

“The MP requires longer time and even more resources to clarify the facts, something. We are facing a level of complexity and sophistication that requires that the law against organized crime be applied, ” she said, and warned of the “deep crisis of confidence” that the citizens have with the Judicial Organ … the Second Tribunal must act independently and with promptness to solve this case.”

Annette Planells, of the Independent Movement, (MOVIN) said that this scenario gives  “more weight to the importance of the ruling “that must be issued by the Second Court.”

On February 13, Tacla Durán said that Roy got money from FCC Construcciones, partner of Odebrecht.

The Public Ministry said the declaration of Tacla Durán was received on November 1, after Judge Lania Batista stopped the investigation of the Odebrecht case and ordered the file to be sent to the Criminal Court XII.  Prosecutor Zuleyka Moore, , appealed the ruling.

Former Comptroller Alvin Weeden told La Prensa that the case of FCC and other construction companies that served Odebrecht is new and, in his opinion, this forces the MP to investigate it in new summaries.

“I, in fact, formulated a criminal complaint against an Odebrecht subcontractor who gave bribes to a relative of a high official for more than $2 million. In Spain, FCC is investigated and that is why they interrogated Tacla Durán, “he said.

Annette Planells, leader of the Independent Movement (Movin)  said that the Tacla Durán statements must be investigated since they were exposed before a prosecutor’s office. “This, , adds a lot more weight to the statements given by Tacla Durán to the newspaper El País [July 2017]. in an interview with El País, Tacla Durán also linked president, Juan Carlos Varela, with the plot.

According to Planells, with  these new revelations, Roy must separate from the direction of the Metro until he is investigated.”



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Well.   I know Ing. Roberto Roy.   The only thing I can say, according to what I have known about him,  is that he is a very good and succesfful professional,  a very good public servant and a great businessman.   

Being in the construction business I know him from the CAPAC or construction chamber and this news have taken us by surprise.  I seriously doubt about this bribery accusations.  Let see what the investigations bring out to light.  


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