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A Thank You from Leianne and David Scee


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Newslady note:  Leianne and David Scee were traveling the world when they heard of the untimely death of the physical therapist at the Handicap Foundation. They immediately put all their plans on hold and flew back to Boquete. They stayed a year. They re-organized the therapy program, found and trained a new therapist, and took many of the physically disabled people under their wings. They raised money for and implemented many home improvement projects for folks with physical disabilities. Their contribution to our community is immeasurable.

We can only hope that when they finally hang up their backpacks, they will return to Boquete for their real retirement.


Dear Boquete,

It is Christmas Day and what a better time to send a thank you to the wonderful community of Boquete! While this is the season of giving what we know is that the people of Boquete don't wait for holidays to give, it is year long.

We came back to Boquete to lend a hand and because of those living here we had many hands to help give to those less fortunate. So many names that we cannot list them all here but we hope you know that this thank you goes to all those that took a moment out of their own lives to share their giving nature and generosity to bring happiness to others.

We share with others about the community we lived in for almost a year and it is so hard to describe to them the heartfelt nature of a community who comes together in times of need. We have been to many places over the last few years and while there are other communities that do good works for others the sense of togetherness seems to be missing.

Boquete will always hold a special place in our hearts and we wish all of you blessings on this day and in the upcoming year! We were blessed to be given the opportunity to reside in this fine community!

Our Best To All of You,

Dave & Leiann Scee

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