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Fantastic gift ideas: Custom paintings and pyrographic art/messages/lettering on wood.


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See us at the BCP Tuesday Morning Market.  Richar's art will be at my table on the back terrace under the "Xulonn" sign. 

I am continuing to collaborate with and promote Boquete's Peruvian born and incredibly talented artist, Richar Huiza.  I recently gave him a professional-grade entry-level pyrography system so he could try artistic "woodburning."  I also showed him pictures and YouTube videos of basic and advanced techniques, and some examples of works by the best pyrographers out there.  I told him that those examples were for inspiration, and not to copy. 

I was literally astounded at how he took to this new medium, and within days he was creating professional quality pyrographic art to complement his exquisite acrylic bird paintings. 

Richar's most recent fine art piece is a 9" cedar plate with an acrylic painting on the front and a personalized message in pyrography on the back. I turn the cedro rojo (local red cedar) plates on my lathe, and Richar does the painting and pyrography.   The one below was a commission for a Violet Saberwing hummingbird in acrylic on the front, and a custom message in pyrography on the back.  Richar can create realistic images from your photo or image, and it only takes a couple of days if there is no backlog.  .   

(Excuse the first two poor pictures - my camera pics disappeared and I had to use cellphone photos.)



The below photo of a quetzal plate shows the color and beauty of Richar's acrylic paintings much better.


Please visit my table on the back terrace (under the the "Xulonn" sign) at the Tuesday BCP Market to view and purchase Richar's art - or to place orders for custom work.  (You can talk Richar on Tuesdays, because he will be at the market selling his other arts, crafts and jewelry.)


Here is a 4" square pyrography piece that is also available for sale.  Note the subtle use of color.



And here is a custom 4" pyrograph of Charlie, made for his owners, very good friends who live here in Boquete. 

You can have one just like it of your pet for only $30. 


David van Harn

My Artisan Woodturnings & Fine Art by Richar Huiza
Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama

Cell Phone: 6706-7236

e-mail: dvanharn@gmail.com


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