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When all else fails, Turn To Politics

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To drive readership.

So we are left with the question:

Olga Suarez - political savant, or know-nothing pot-stirrer?

"Is Trump crazy and racist or a true American patriot?"

Seems that such discussions were at one time limited to blog and "group" discussions. Now, the MODERATOR of the group posts this on the main forum? Lol...


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I continue to be amazed at how JLM is able to find such utterly offensive and incompetent moderators. It makes me appreciate this site all the more. There have been a few start-up pains here on CL, but I'm grateful that Bud and Marcelyn solicit and rely on suggestions by the readership/participants and are unfailingly helpful and courteous (even when some of us are not).

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This Link below reads like ning. But it's not Virtual!!!! lol And some of this same behavior was there before the sale of Ning. So, it's a personal choice to stay there or leave. Personally, I think the horse has been beaten to death. My last comments on the other site.



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