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Coffee: New Variety Resistant to Rust

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Moderator comment: This topic discusses coffee varietals in and from Costa Rica. Informal conversations with local coffee growers leads us to believe that some Boquete coffee growers are considering these two varieties. Further, we were led to believe that there are two coffee varieties from Colombia that are also being looked at closely. The trailing comments from those informal conversations were to the effect that local specialty coffee growers likely will not use these bug resistant varietals because the resulting coffee is "not competition quality".



Coffee: New Variety Resistant to Rust

The new variety of Catiguá MG2 coffee that was released in Costa Rica after several pieces of analysis were carried out, is up to 60% higher in productivity compared to the Catuaí variety.

Monday, December 11, 2017

From a statement issued by the Costa Rican Coffee Institute:

In an investigation that began seven years ago at the experimental farm in Barva de Heredia, the Genetic Improvement Program of the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica, ICAFE, managed to determine the excellent quality of the final product, high resistance to rust and the high productive potential of the Catiguá MG2 variety, one of the eighteen varieties that the Institute has for study and comparison.

See also: "Figures on Crops in Central America"

The official announcement of the release of the variety took place during the Forty Sixth National Ordinary Coffee Congress, held this Sunday, December 3 at the ICAFE facilities in San Pedro de Barva de Heredia.

Read full release (in Spanish).



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