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Dog Camp: Boarding, Day Care, Owner And Dog Training And A Recovery Center For Rescued Dogs! Come And Visit Us!


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ello everybody!!!!
We are waiting for you and your dogs to come and enjoy at the DOG CAMP in Boquete, come and visit our big pack (42 dogs) big, small dogs, and many puppies if you want to know how to train your dog in a natural way, you have to come!! 
DOG CAMP is a place for Owner and dog trainning,a Boarding and Day care place and of course, a Recovery Center for dogs!!
We are animal rescuers vegetarian and non-smoking young couple.. We are living in Boquete since three years ago and we are volunteers for Amigos de Animales, we love all kind of animals.
We live in a big property with many dogs, they are our big pack (most of them are for adoption) You can know more about our work in these links:
       image.png.9dde72740dd636ad7c0363d7516d3fd4.png  Facebook: Javier Magaly Dog Camp
       image.png.747a90a1e0d607920cb4ff19df0e8701.png  Instagram: J&M DogCamp 
      image.png.7d6d9d96fe3eae9ca9afd3b3d80482a8.png Youtube:    DOG CAMP
      image.png.f00fe73ebe88d7bb799dcaa62efa7bd9.png  Web page: COMING  SOON!!
Contac us:
Phone and whatsapp: 6965-9423 / 6563-8686
And if you would like to be a volunteer at the DOG CAMP, contac us!!! You can come and play with the pack, walk some dogs, feed puppies / big dogs or you can help us with our new project for the dogs!! But if you can not come, you can make a donation through our GOFUNDME https://www.gofundme.com/helpanimalsboquete
We are only TWO PERSONS who can take care more than 40 dogs (puppies, young and old dogs), we don't have volunteers, so is a lot of work but we love to do that for the animals. 
And if you have a bussiness and want to donate a Gift Certificate, we will love it because we can continue making events for rescue more animals and try to make a little change in this community.
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